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  Artes Biotechnology GmbH | Contract R&D Services

Artes Biotechnology GmbH | Contract R&D Services

Artes Biotechnology GmbH | Contract R&D Services
ARTES Biotechnology GmbH

Biotechnological Processes and Products for Today and Tomorrow
ARTES Biotechnology is a well established development partner for recombinant protein production. Several bio-pharmaceutical products and industrial enzymes have been successfully introduced worldwide in the market by our clients and licensees.

ARTES Biotechnology delivers safe, robust and cost efficient protein production based on microbial cell lines including yeast (Hansenula polymorpha, syn. Pichia angusta) and bacteria (E. coli).

Our unique virus like particle (VLP) platform is applied for development of safe and affordable vaccines.

ARTES´ proprietary technologies ensure freedom-to-operate and reliable, competitive production. WHO recommendation, international registration, FDA approval and GRAS certification are part of the track record achieved in our international collaborations.

Large scale manufacturing and full analytics in accordance with cGMP guidelines are warranted in collaboration with a network of industrial partners.


A wide range of processes and products is available in our portfolio for immediate technology transfer.


New cell lines and processes for your product of interest are developed specifically to meet your demands.

Artes Biotechnology GmbH | Contract R&D Services.

29.07.2014 Malaria transmission-blocking vaccines – ARTES and Burnet announced a development project

ARTES Biotechnology and Burnet Institute have joined forces to develop a new type of malaria vaccine in a project funded by the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative (MVI).

The project will use exciting novel technology developed at the Burnet Institute. ARTES holds the international patent rights and adapted the platform to vaccine production (known as the Metavax® platform).

Purified vaccine antigens (Pfs25 and Pfs230) will be produced as virus-like particles (VLPs, a type of nano-particle) for testing in laboratory studies. The VLPs will be taken up by immune cells to prime and prepare the immune system to fight malaria.

The project will focus on strategies to produce vaccines that can block the transmission of malaria infection from mosquitoes to people, as part of a program funded by MVI.


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